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Not all SDPs are Created Equal

Behold … the Trust Zone!   Zero Trust is the new buzzword – but is every Zero Trust strategy supported by an effective and efficient model to deliver on the promise? There are many factors to consider and one is the role of a software-defined perimeter (SDP). If...

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Think of SDP as a Private Application VPN

Over the last nine months, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the number of corporate employees working away from the office. Many rely on VPNs for connectivity; IT Security and Network Ops trust the Virtual Private Networks with their cadre of external and internal...

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Zero Trust and the Software Defined Perimeter

It makes more sense when you understand the role of “Dynamic Enforcement”   Last week I came across another article educating readers on the advent of Zero Trust architecture (ZTA) and how it represents a new paradigm for securing critical applications and data -...

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