Cyber Security Engineering

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Whether you need help with federal compliance, protecting against digital attacks or responding to one, you can leverage an experienced partner with Waverley Labs. We’re the team that built the first Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system, so we understand the complexity of cyber security tools and how they work with people and processes to prevent cyber risks. Because we are vendor independent and product independent, we offer a range of services and solutions that best fit your unique requirements.

Image of cyber security engineering services.

Cyber Security Knowledge Center Creation

Create an agile and well-informed business operations community. Become resilient to the cyber threat and digital risks with timely business operations decision-making. Our services conform to guidelines from NIST, OWASP, SANS and other leading organizations.


NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation

How do you implement the guidelines established by NIST to create your new cyber security program? Gain confidence with an experienced third-party evaluation of your program. Further, let us implement your program to ensure you’re following all the recommendations.



Cyber Risk Profiling

Makes your risks easy to see. Ever-changing system and application architectures require evolving controls for their protection. We help you automate the monitoring of progression towards the expected cyber controls.

Cloud Security

Move apps to the cloud with confidence. Are you unsure about the best cloud options to use for your applications? Use our methodology to select the right option to move your applications to the cloud while ensuring security.


Security Architecture Analysis

Uncover known risks. Whether your application is in the cloud or in your own infrastructure, we use a standards-based approach to give your application security architecture a security risk index that takes into consideration its confidentiality, availability and integrity requirements.


Unified Attack Pattern Analysis

Prioritizes your actions. Get IT, physical, and operational data integrated and represented in a comprehensible manner in order to help you prioritize your digital risks.



Compliance Audits

Get on-demand compliance. Use our methodology and tools to be able to successfully pass compliance audits on demand for a number of standards including FISMA, FedRAMP, NERC/CIP, FICAM, HIPAA and more.

Cyber Event & Incident Analysis

Meaningful diagnostics at machine speed. Help the human in the loop by getting real-time data reduction of large volumes of data to associate assets with impending cyber threats.


Cyber Risk Scenario Development

Know where to prevent losses and reduce risk. Reviews your IT, OT, and physical architectures from a cyber perspective and performs threat/attack scenario analysis enabling prioritization and implementation of security controls to prevent losses and reduce risk.



Control Effectiveness Analysis

Know the efficiency rating of your controls. Get expert security configuration of your controls and test them to ensure that the proper data is provided for the compliance monitoring tools to ingest.

Mitigate your dynamic cyber security risks

When so much is riding on your digital enterprise, choose a cyber security veteran who will mitigate what matters.