Digital Risk Management

Mitigate what matters to executives

Are you an executive officer or board member of a large enterprise or government agency, or even someone who reports to them? Are you seeking to understand the greatest digital risks to your business in quantifiable and easy-to-understand terms in order to prioritize and proactively manage them effectively?

More than cyber security and cyber risk management, Waverley Labs’ digital risk management (DRM) will provide you with a prescriptive, unified, visual approach to identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, mitigating and managing digital risk across your entire organization.


Image showing how your digital enterprise can be complex without digital risk management.

What is Digital Risk Management?

Where IT management looks at securing networks, systems and devices, DRM enables executive officers and board members to focus on the cost of digital attacks to the business measured in terms that include lost opportunity, impact to revenue, corporate reputation and good will, fines levied on board of directors and executives, and more.

  1. Digital risk management provides a practical, analytical discipline for managing digital risk from a business perspective, by enabling business and technology leaders and their security partners to collaborate on business aligned decisions.
  2. Defines a foundation for managing risk across various functions by relying on the quantification of the business impact of digital risk.
  3. Enables business leaders to understand the risk profile of their operations from a business perspective and for the organization as a whole to make risk mitigation decisions based on the level of operational and financial risk.


Current Perspective of Cyber Security

  • Management of digital risk is delegated to IT
  • IT security model is controls & compliance based, not risk-based
  • Reactive stance to digital attacks
  • No understanding of digital risk in business terms


New Perspective of Digital Risk

  • Business-driven digital risk management program
  • Digital risk is quantified in terms of business impact
  • Digital risk is proactively monitored


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Outcomes of Digital Risk Management

  • Understanding of your risk profile
  • Prioritized spending on tools and human capital
  • Focus on a smaller number of high risk transactions and interactions
  • More predictable ability to protect critical assets
  • Faster and more effective response



Know your greatest digital risks to the business

Quantify your digital risks so executives, CISOs, risk managers & IT agree what to do next.