Software Defined Perimeter (Panther SDP™) Implementation

Engineering Digital

Risk Protections

Using Software

Defined Perimeter


Remove all unauthorized access to business applications/infrastructure.


Close all holes in the firewall. Only open after authentication.


Engineer protections with an integrative approach for security & privacy.

The Digital Risk Landscape is Strife with Complexity & Uncertainty

Threats are increasing with frequency and magnitude. The only way to help with complex and numerous attacks is to eliminate all risk.

Digital Risk Management provides a practical, analytical discipline for managing digital risk from a business perspective, by enabling business and technology leaders and their security partners to engineer digital risk out of business operations and mitigate or transfer residual risk. 

A New Paradigm Has Arrived!

Today’s conventional security products are designed to allow access to servers/services prior to authenticating the users or their devices. This practice leads to the enormous responsibility and expense to figure out who the bad actors are and to ensure that systems and servers are securely configured; an equally expensive and difficult task.

Waverley Labs Panther SDP™ enforces authentication of users on devices prior to connecting securely to servers/services hidden behind a closed dynamic firewall.

Panther SDP™ hides your critical applications/infrastructure

So you can now focus precious resources on insider threats.

Panther SDP™

Let us work with you implement Panther SDP and give you back control from being hacked by outsiders.

Or do it yourself with the open source.



The Panther SDP™ Difference


Monitor a Reduced Threat Environment – primarily for deep insider threats.

… This is doable.

SDP – provides knowledge of who connected, from where, to what, when etc. in real-time and with far fewer resources than SEIMs require.

Note: SDP can be implemented without detailed vulnerability assessments or patching of vulnerable systems!


Control your Digital Risks

Quickly drop illegitimate connections and disallow abnormal usage

Lock out users and devices in seconds without shutting down the enterprise

Provide an instant view of all authorized connections to mitigate risks. Use a deny-all internet-scale filter

Make the underwriting case to transfer residual risk with cyber insurance


Implement security & privacy protections

– Integrate Digital Risk Protections Within Hybrid, Co-Located or On-Premise Data Centers

– Hide critical assets/business infrastructure (deny-all gateway)

– Secure every connection (SPA, internet-scale packet filter)

– Manage user/device pair and communication keys

– Ensure consent from authorized users

– Orchestrate control, response in seconds




Panther SDP™ Features – Security by Design


Server Isolation


Dynamic Firewall


Pinned Certificates


Multifactor Authentication

Mutual TLS

Device Finger Printing

Types of connections secured:

Client-to-Gateway Model (Protect one or more servers)

Client-to-Server Model (End-to-End to support load balancing and elasticity)

Server-to-Server Model (API based, SOAP)

Client-to-Server-to-Client Model (iPhone, peer-to-peer)

Prevents the following attacks:

Server Exploitation

– Misconfigurations

– Code Injections

– Vulnerabilities

Denial of Service

Connection Hijacking

– Man-in-the-middle

– Certificate forgery

– DNS Poisoning

Credential Theft

– Phishing

– Keyloggers

– Brute Force



Work With Us


Vastly Improve Conventional Cyber Security & Digital Risk Management Protections


– Waverley Labs team works with you to implement Panther SDP from start to finish.

– IT Ops & Business teams can work together to streamline digital risk reductions.

– Business and Finance teams can work together to quantify risk.

– Business teams and Customers can do business securely and privately online.

– Business Owners and Cyber Security teams can assure compliance with various mandates.


Engineer Risk Protections, Increase OPEX efficiency with our Panther SDP™ Implementation