Have you been hearing about Software-Defined Perimeters (SDP) and wondering what all the fuss is about? Are you reading about Zero Trust as the next great security paradigm but wondering if any organization has successfully implemented a zero trust model?

On October 30, Juanita Koilpillai, Founder of Waverley Labs, and creator of the industry’s first open source specifications for Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) sponsored by  the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), will answer questions about SDP, its relationship with Zero Trust and what you can expect when you implement an SDP.   Is it a trick…or a treat?

She will reference the CSA research and actual implementations being conducted by Waverley Labs.   More importantly, she will show how the SDP “dynamically enforces” policies for access to critical applications and services enabling  a true deny-all, authenticate and authorize-first approach – essential to adopting a Zero Trust model.

Gartner and Forrester agree that SDP has the ability to dynamically create one-to-one connections between every authorized device and user and the data, applications or services – this is the treat and also the key to enabling a a  Zero Trust model.

Without SDP, successful implementation of a Zero Trust strategy is very challenging and the industry will struggle to declare that Zero Trust is an effective security paradigm.

Join us on October 30, Halloween Eve, for an educational treat.SDP – Trick or Treat” examines the intrinsic relationship between SDP and Zero Trust. Register for the webinar here.

*** Waverley Labs worked closely with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to develop the first commercial SDP specification and recently co-authored the CSA’s new white paper – Software Defined Perimeter and Zero Trust.

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