Innovative security solution to be demonstrated at DHS flagship cyber security event July 11


Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs) are emerging as a key component in a new security paradigm for protecting critical applications and infrastructure. The primary effect of the SDP is that it transforms the application infrastructure into an effectively invisible or “black cloud” environment that shows no domain name system (DNS) information or IP addresses.

Waverley Labs worked closely with the Cloud Security Alliance to develop the commercial SDP specification and has since delivered the industry’s first open source SDP as part of an award by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to create new tools to defend against large and sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Today the primary challenge of every IT organization involves the management of three fundamental technology components — applications that are user aware, networks that are connection aware, and clients that are device aware. Waverley Labs Software Defined Perimeter is a solution that integrates and streamlines all three as part of a new way of protecting critical applications and infrastructure.

The DHS initiative titled “An Open Source Project for a Software-Defined Perimeter to Defend Cloud Apps from DDoS” was awarded through Broad Agency Announcement HSHQDC-14-R- B00017  and is part of the DHS S&T Cyber Security Division’s Distributed Denial of Service Defense (DDoSD) program

As part of the DHS award, Waverley Labs was required to add credential and identity access management to the SDP. In addition to taking an authenticate-first, deny all, dynamic perimeter approach, Waverley Labs SDP now uses Google account logins integrated with Yubikey, from Yubico for two-factor authentication. This is significant as it simplifies the ability for large organizations to deploy SDPs at scale by enabling them to now easily utilize Identity and Access Management in the SDP workflow.

Waverley Labs will be demonstrating the solution at the upcoming Cyber Security R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop hosted by the DHS, July 11, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Stop by the Waverley Labs booth for a demonstration and discussion.