I recently came across this Network World article, Learning about SDP via Google BeyondCorp, by Jon Oltsik. It previews Google’s “BeyondCorp” project that features deployment of a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) as central to a BYOD solution for endpoint connectivity into their networks.

googleGoogle’s SDP ensures that all network connections are authenticated and plays a key role in a process that informs on the health (or risk) of an endpoint. It is allowing Google to greatly reduce the need for supplying laptops and instead allow employees, contractors and vendors to use their own devices.

As an R&D company focused on SDPs, and a contributing member of the Cloud Security Alliance, Waverley Labs applauds Google and the BeyondCorp initiative. We are actively engaged with a variety of organizations looking at SDPs to secure critical applications and infrastructure, including the DHS for whom we developed the industry’s first commercially available open source SDP.