By John Gilroy
September 1, 2015

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Federal Tech Talk

Today’s interview is with Bill Corrington, federal director for the Cloud Security Alliance and Juanita Koipillai, founder & CEO of Waverley Labs. The focus of the discussion is a new paradigm in computer security called Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs).

Photo of Bill Corrington and Juanita KoipillaiBoth guests have strong backgrounds in mathematics and computer science. In fact, Juanita Koipillai founded a cyber-security company that Symantec bought from her. Their paths crossed with an interest inapplying a traditional networking protocol in a new fashion.

The traditional protocol is called Transport Layer Security (TLS). Years ago the DoD and NSA combined in a fashion called Mutual TLS. What this does is moves authentication to the next level. Essentially, this approach denies access to the network. Further, the term “Black Cloud” can be invoked in describing this technology because obscures the name of the network.

This method has been tested in the commercial world at both Mazda and Coca-Cola. Also, the CloudSecurity Alliance has hosted hack-a-thons where none of the participants could break the system.

This approach is based on open source software and a user is not locked into a proprietary system.



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