Waverley Labs is pleased to see increasing industry awareness of Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs) as a game changing solution that may have dramatic impact on solving a myriad of IT security challenges.

Government Computer News published an article Software-defined perimeter security for cloud-based infrastructures that pointed to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Vidder and Waverley Labs as key contributors to the new architecture that continues to be proven as “impregnable” in a variety of industry hack-a-thons.


The article cited … SDP is an attractive solution for cloud security because it doesn’t require much new investment. It basically combines the existing device authentication, identity-based access and dynamically provisioned connectivity that most organizations should have in place under a software overlay. The CSA said the SDP model has been shown to stop all forms of network attacks, including distributed denial of service (DDoS), man-in-the-middle, SQL injection and advanced persistent threat.

The article pointed to successful use cases initiatives including the open-source DDoS effort that is allowing government organizations to use SDP to enable virtualized security for cloud infrastructures that complies with the “moderate” level described in the Federal Information Security Management Act.

The industry first open source reference implementation of SDP was developed by Waverley Labs and is now available to the public.  The reference architecture and repository can be accessed and downloaded here.

For more information, check out this white paper on Software Defined Perimeters.