OWASP Brooklyn Meetup
September 24, 2015, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Brooklyn, NY


Digital Empowerment, Personal Online Security, and Women in AppSec (WIA)


Guests Speakers

  • Jensine Larsen, Founder & CEO of World Pulse
  • Juanita Koilpillai, Founder & CEO of Waverley Labs


  • Michael Lightman, Program Manager for NYC ACRE and NYU’s Clean Start Program

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This meetup will be held in collaboration with WIA @ AppSecUSA www.appsecusa.org in San Francisco during the same time.


About OWASP Brooklyn
OWASP Brooklyn Meetups is the Brooklyn Chapter of the OWASP Foundation: www.owasp.org. Our OWASP Brooklyn – Cyber Security Wiki is located at https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Brooklyn. To learn more about OWASP Brooklyn, visit: http://www.meetup.com/OWASP-Brooklyn/ or https://twitter.com/OWASPBrooklyn.

About OWASP’s Women in AppSec (WIA) program
The purpose of the Women in AppSec Program is to increase the participation of women in the field of application security. The program was successfully launched in 2013 at AppSec USA NY, and the aim is to run the program at every OWASP Global AppSec going forward. Most recently, at AppSec EU in Amsterndam in May 2015, a program with the theme “Women in AppSec – Making it Happen” was launched and both a panel and a workshop were included at the event.

The Women in AppSec program is for any OWASP member who believes that diversity is important to the success of the organization, as well as for women looking to learn more about AppSec or who want to make career connections with like-minded colleagues. This includes female undergraduate and graduate students, instructors, and professionals who are dedicated to information security or application development.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software. Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations worldwide can make informed decisions about true software security risks. Learn more at www.owasp.org.


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