2016 Defense, Cyber & Systems Challenge

Colocated with 2016 Smart Cities Innovation Summit

June 13-15, 2016

Austin Convention Center

Austin, TX




The co-located Defense, Cyber & Systems Challenge and Smart Cities Innovation Summit represent the largest showcase and accelerator of defense innovations in North America to support defense energy and resilience needs and support future operational understanding within a megacity environment.

Mega Cities and Smart Cities represent global vanguard communities addressing civilization’s resiliency pressures on a daily basis. These dynamic ecosystems are ideal innovation proving-grounds, generating private-sector technology solutions that may be applied towards military/city equivalents such as MOBs, FOBs, Air/Naval Bases, Fleets, and Vessels. Operational security and understanding of megacities is a priority for global security (disaster relief, nation building, coalition support). The Defense Resilience Program & Challenge features innovations and session topics focused on defense resilience and/or support future operational understanding within a megacity environment.

Waverley Labs will showcase “An Open Source Software Defined Perimeter for NextGen Cyber Security” to military, city, and industry leadership.

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