November 04, 2015

The Highland Dallas

Dallas, TX


Waverley Labs CEO, Juanita Koilpillai, will be speaking at this event in her role as President of the Digital Risk Management Institute (DRM Institute).

ISMG-logo-500A Strategic Framework for Reducing the Risks of Advanced Threats

Any organization that owns, protects or operates anything of value will at some stage be in the cross-hairs of a targeted cyber-attack.

The Information Security industry is currently awash with fragmented and incomplete messaging around the cause and cure of these attacks. At this unique event, we’ll take a step back and look at the threat in its entirety, from adversary motivations all the way through to the business impact of a successful attack. Such clarity of the entire attack process provides the insight needed to defend against them.

To that end, we’ll match the threat process with an equally clear and complete strategy for defeating it – from threat intelligence through to incident response with business and risk-related discussions throughout. The linear strategic track sessions will be complemented with a number of focused solution spotlight sessions that provide a deeper dive into a number of specific challenges, such as effective security analytics and security of public cloud services.

Strategy Track

Cyber Insurance – Transferring Your Digital Risk, How to Prepare and Understand the Costs and Pitfalls

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

Juanita Koilpillai, President of DRM Institute and CEO of Waverley Labs

PII breach insurance is becoming commonplace and has some value, but what about damage that goes way beyond the embarrassment, potential fraud and loss of consumer confidence resulting from PII theft? The motivations and objectives for many attacks are much broader than just financial gain, ranging from hacktivism, destructive revenge, theft of intellectual property or the disruption of critical infrastructure. These type of attacks can result in catastrophic failure of services and business operations. How can we insure against that type of loss?

A process must be followed to create and quantify a Digital Risk Profile of your assets and infrastructure, which then becomes the basis for purchasing insurance. In this session we’ll walk through this process and discuss its value in in recovering from the more insidious cyber threats.

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