Federal Solutions

Protect against the digital threat and improve enterprise response to cyber threats

Does it seem as if your organization spends a lot of time and effort on compliance?

Is your organization spending a lot of money on the latest cyber security tools?

How do you know if your cyber spend is reducing cyber impacts?



We fix the disconnect between compliance scores and your actual cyber security posture


What Our Cyber Security Solutions Provide


  • Provides senior leadership with risk-based information in order to make informed decisions and security investments

  • Ties computer security to risk to the business

  • Is a multi-faceted approach that looks at people, processes, technology, and operations

  • Identifies critical assets and business processes

  • Produces a definable and defendable risk score with actionable risk reduction corrective activities

  • Establishes a governance partnership between key stakeholders

  • Develops a comprehensive risk management capability with the goal of risk reduction and improved security for the enterprise

  • Is in alignment with NIST Cybersecurity Framework as well as the enterprise risk management framework


Quantify your cyber risk in terms of mission impact