IEEE Rock Stars of Risk-Based Security

April 12, 2016

The National Convention Center

Leesburg, VA



Hosted by IEEE Computer Society

Has Your Company Been Hacked – YET?

Virtually every company will be hacked, and today, experts accept that a 100% security solution is not feasible. Advanced risk assessment and mitigation is the order of the day.

Rock Stars of Risk-Based Security is the must attend symposium of its kind in 2016 on this critical new reality. What attacks can you expect? How can you be prepared? On April 12, 2016 you’ll learn the answers to those questions straight from the people who are driving innovation in risk-based security.

What You Need to Know

  • That you can’t expect firewalls and perimeter defense to keep your enterprise safe
  • That only a multifaceted approach involving security-aware and self-protective application design and dynamic and static application security testing can meet the needs of today’s companies
  • All hacks can’t be prevented, but runtime application self-protection combined with active context-aware and adaptive access controls constitute today’s security solution
  • That security conflict is human-to-human and grasping this enables the establishment of better human-to-machine interfaces


What You’ll Learn

  • The keys to anticipating attacks rather than having fire drills after the fact
  • How to recognize cyber-warfare as a human-to-human conflict that can be met by an effective combination of people, processes, and products
  • Whether cyber liability insurance is worth the money
  • How to find affordable, open-source toolsets for building cyber-risk solutions
  • How to find hidden IT risks that can sink your organization if not uncovered


What You’ll Experience

  • Inspiration, challenge, and warning
  • The very latest thinking from companies and organizations like U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, IBM, Arbor Networks, National Instruments, Risk Based Security, and CERT
  • An in-depth interaction with the leading thinkers in the field – Q&A and collaboration
  • An unmatched opportunity for networking
  • An up-close view of exciting new products and solutions in the field
  • A chance for interaction over lunch and cocktails

Rock Stars of Risk-based Security will inspire you, challenge you, and warn you. You have the chance to dig deep, ask questions, collaborate, network, and problem-solve. Food is served, exhibits are exciting. It’s a must-attend event.

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