Last month, Rob Joyce, President Trump’s Special Assistant, and Cyber Security Coordinator for the White House, discussed the administration’s cyber security priorities.

Joyce is tasked with carrying out the initiatives highlighted in President Trump’s recently signed executive order, which is aimed at strengthening the cyber security of federal networks and critical infrastructure.

During the talk sponsored by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, Joyce cited the WannaCry ransomware attacks as another example of how government needs to bolster its defenses.  Central to his discussion, Joyce said he wants to take a “step back” and “manage the federal government’s “IT activity” as a single enterprise.”

Nooooo….. !!!   They are focusing on managing IT activity which is not cyber security. IT cannot manage cyber security.  It is this line of thinking that is central to the cyber security weaknesses and compromises that are now overwhelming commercial and government enterprises at an increasing rate.

A real solution exists but it does require a different approach and that approach requires a change in the status quo on cyber security. It would be a fundamental change in how users connect with IT services and the authentication processes and technologies that are currently being utilized. It is a big change — one that could be propelled by an executive order to industry to get things moving in the right direction. This is a way the president could have a profoundly positive impact on America. For more information on changing the IT security paradigm, check out this blog.